BC Lions



Bob Ackles (2009)
Ken Appleby (2003)
Herb Capozzi (2003)
Roy Cavallin (Charter)
Bill Clancy (2003)
Jack Farley (Charter)
Paul Higgins (2004)
Ron Jones (2006)
Don MacKenzie (2003)
Allen McKeachern (2003)
Creighton O’Malley (2003)
Vic Rapp (2010)
Dal Richards (2005)
Dave Skrien (2003)
Victor Spencer (2003)
Harry Spring (2008)
Annis Stukus (Charter)


In 2003, Bob Ackles embarked on the establishment of a new BC Lions Wall of Fame. Its purpose is to honour and celebrate past team members and builders and feature archival photos and write-ups of all inductees. The Wall itself is located just inside of Gate A at BC Place.  In addition to the players here is a list of the Builders who have been inducted