BC Lions


Welcome to the home of the BC Lions Alumni Association.

For over 58 years of BC Lions have been making their mark on the Canadian football scene and striving to bring home the coveted spoils of the CFL.  Some of the finest players in the league’s history have worn the BC Lions colours and every player has experienced a common thread of team loyalty and fellowship.

Membership dues and fund raising events contribute to both amateur football and the Dire Need Fund which was established to address the ever escalating need of assistance for many of our BC Lions Alumni families.

Our original mandate – to provide relief to fellow alumni in distress, personal tragedy or medical difficulty – still resonates soundly today.

Equally important, however, is the opportunity for this site to provide a focal point for our alumni family to connect, educate, support and interact with each other.   Value will be derived through participation so be sure to get involved!

This website is dedicated to those incredible alumni who for a time in their lives gave their all to the loyal, cheering fans and the Canadian game of football.

Membership in the BC Lions Alumni includes former CFL and BC Lions players, coaches, management, staff and medical personnel. Visit our membership page for more membership information.