BC Lions

Players' Profiles


Full Name:






December 30, 1926
Position(s) Played :


Bench Physician
Years with BC Lions:


1955 – 1994 (40 Years)
Started My Football Career:


1955. first game on the bench was an

Exhibition   game at Brockton Oval.

Final game was the 1994 Grey Cup

win over Baltimore at BC Place



Vancouver, BC
Grey Cups:


Six – 3 wins 3 losses
Career Accomplishments:


5 sons, 15 grandchildren, 40 years on the

bench,  3 Grey cup rings, 40 years family

practice in Burnaby.  World’s best wife.

Best Moment in Career:


Graduating QueensUniversity, Med’s 1954
Favourite Football Story:


Bob Ackles as a teenager in my office “I’d like to make a career in football.”
Toughest Opponent Player:


Injury Buff
Favourite CFL Player:


Roy Dewalt
Favourite Coach:


Don Mathews
Career after Football:


2 more years of practice then retirement
Life After Football:


Wonderful.  Memories of hundreds of players, dozens of coaches, fine trainers, great equipment men, past and present medical staff.
Special Message to the Fans:


Take the bad with the good, you can’t win them all.  Keep faithful.
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